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  1. Jeff Coates says:

    Help. I have a hydro-industries ROBOWINDER.
    I need a part. I need the part that hooks to the faucet. It is a black plastic round piece the has a male and female hose thread. The leader hose from the machine threads on to it and it screws onto the hose bib (faucet). The metal has cracked and it leaks. I have a picture of the part if it would help you.

    Jeff Coates

    • hydroadmin says:

      Hi Jeff

      Thanks for your comment. We are not connected with the maker of robowinder, who I understand now no longer exists. See our page on hose reels for details of where to get parts for this. Good luck in your search. Do let us know if you have success.

  2. Jeffrey Gamelin says:

    I have a Hydro Industries ReelSmart and the plastic female fitting that connects to the hose needs to be replaced. Where can I find the replacement part?

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