Hose Reels: Hydro Industries ReelSmart hose reel parts

The domain hydro-industries.com is owned by Hydroponics Industries and is a general information site on hydroponic systems and growing tomatoes hydroponically. We have no direct connection with the now non-trading company Hydro Industries other than some years ago we purchased the “hydro-industries.com” domain when it was released by them.

We appreciate that there a number of ReelSmart owners, a product formerly manufactured by Hydro Industries, who maybe are looking for help, hose reel spare parts or maybe a new hose reel. We do know that ReelSmart hose reels and spare parts are now sold by Suncast Corporation in the United States. So for information on Hydro Industries, Reelsmart  or Robo winder hose reels try www.suncast.com.  We have no information on hydro industries hose reel parts availability in other parts of the world.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have further information to share.
hydro industries hose reel parts


  1. warranty for the ReelSmart no-crank 125

    • Thanks for your comment. We have no direct connection with the now non-trading hose reel manufacturer hydro industries. We did buy their website domain a couple of years ago when they released it.
      We now seem to be getting a number of queries on buying parts for no-crank hoses so we have set up the webpage above with more details on where reelsmart products can be found.

      See above to find out more.

      Hope this helps your search.

    • My retractable reel smart hose reel by hydro-industries is slipping when its trying to retract. Can it be replaced to can I get parts to fix it.

  2. Diana Gibson says:

    I tried the website for Suncast in hopes of finding information on replacement parts for my ReelSmart sink station but never could find a spot with information for replacement parts only the purchasing of new ground systems. None of the information listed was for the sink station.

  3. It is nice that you set up a page to help people out. I recently received a ReelSmart hose reel that had this website listed, also a Suncast phone number. I believe Suncast has some connection to ReelSmart, but the older products still on the shelves have old info on the labeling. I’d call Suncast with my issues, THANKS FOR THE PAGE AND THE INFORMATION …

  4. I cannot believe the people who come to this page and ask you for help after you have painstakingly explained you cannot help them. Hilarious. (or not. depending on your mood, I’d guess).

    I’d like to tell others who are in the same boat as me: Bought a SunCast first. Liked it, bought another but this time a ReelSmart. the SunCast broke. the ReelSmart didn’t. I set out to look for a ReelSmart and now learn they are owned by Suncast. BUMMER! But thank you ever so much for the information. What a blessing. Take care.

  5. Wayne Wager says:

    Love the Reel Smart water powered rewind,
    I now need to replace my other hose reel.
    But I cannot find one in Sarnia, Ontario,
    Canada. What Canadian retailers sell the
    Reel Smart hose reel?

  6. I purchaced a smart retractable garden hose reel and the hose attachcment to the reel broke, cant find out is they have parts on the reel is Hydro Pro and the #P491915 Help any one —-Thanks

  7. Mary M. Keoughan-Pedersen says:

    Will the outdoor sink with the no-crank retractable hose reel (SK241501) ever be available again? We have one and rally want to purchase another.

  8. Kathy Campbell says:

    I need replacement parts for reelsmart

  9. Hilarious. The top of the page explains that this company has N.O.T.H.I.N.G. to do with the former company that made the ReelSmart hose reels .. something that didn’t really need to be done but is nice of this company to do so. And yet .. there are ten or so messages posted below the announcement asking for their reels to be repaired. CAN’T YOU PEOPLE READ?!!

  10. the feed black tube on the unit broke off. can this be replaced with a new part? I won 6 of them and can’t live with out them . great product. Thanks Ron

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